Italy: Genoa students take to the streets

CWI youth campaign "Resistenze Internazionali" takes the lead!

Yesterday in Genoa, as in many other Italian cities and elsewhere in the world, students took to the streets to mark "International Day of Students’ Rights". They responded very positively to the call made by "Resistenze Internazionali" and the Association ControCorrente (CWI in Italy) to participate in the protests. They carried banners and shouted slogans against the dismantling of public education, the cuts and privatisation. They were angry about the Renzi government’s harsh attacks on student rights. Students came from a number of different schools and colleges in the city. Below is a series of photos as well as links to videos and coverage in the local and national media of the protest whish show how dynamic, combative and colourful the protests were.

Genova 24

La Repubblica

-two videos on click here and here