Russian Revolution Centenary: New site celebrates and defends October socialist revolution

1917revolution.org brings rich lessons of 100 years ago to wide audience.
 For Marxists, the October 1917 revolution in Russia was the greatest single event in human history, so far. Tsarist rule ended in February 1917, and capitalism and landlordism were overthrown by the mass of workers and peasants – led by Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks – in October. The October Revolution brought into existence the first workers’-led government to hold power for any length of time.



US: Global resistance against Trump’s inauguration

CWI organizes protests as millions prepare to fight Trump’s agenda. 
On January 20 and 21, as Donald Trump will be marching into the White House to become the new President of the United States,  millions of people will march on the streets across the world to oppose his reactionary and pro-billionaire agenda. In the US itself, our co-thinkers in Socialist Alternative, along with Socialist Students, will be organising student walk-outs and protests in at least 16 cities.