Britain: Universal basic income demand gains ground

What approach should socialists take? 
The idea of welfare benefits being replaced by a ‘universal basic income’ (UBI) has resurfaced in recent years – a welcome discussion because it raises the fundamental right of everyone to have an income that meets their basic needs. Exact proposals vary but they are all based on the idea of everyone in society receiving an unconditional, tax-free, regular payment, regardless of whether they are working or the composition of their household (see box).



Yemen: Workers protest at parliament against TOTAL and G4S

Security workers demand wages and arrest of colleagues’ killers. 
Yesterday, Monday 6 February, around one hundred workers demonstrated in front of the parliament buildings, in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. They were demanding unpaid wages and seeking justice for their murdered colleagues. Their original employers, the multinational oil corporation, TOTAL, and its subcontractor, the security company, G4S, robbed over 200 security guard workers of more than one year’s wages, after the companies abandoned most of their economic activities in the country in 2015



CWI and Izquierda Revolucionaria’s Towards unification

Joint declaration of the CWI’s IEC and Izquierda Revolucionaria’s IEC.
In September 2016, we published a brief declaration after holding an initial meeting between our two organisations – a very fruitful meeting which revealed a broad agreement, politically and in terms of our methods of building a revolutionary party. In this meeting, we agreed to begin a process of political dialogue and debate, as well as of practical collaboration and exchange of documents and visits.



France: After Sarkozy, Juppé and Valls, now Fillon is on the way out

Space opening up to left of Socialist Party.
The situation in the run-up to the presidential elections in France at the end of April is extremely volatile. Over the past week-end three candidates held election rallies in the city of Lyon. Marine Le Pen launched her campaign – ‘In the name of the people’ – at a two day conference with around 1,000 in attendance. Macron’s rally drew 8,000 and Melanchon, for the left, had an audience of 12,000 plus 6,000 at Aubervilliers near Paris with a hologram of himself(!)



Romania: Biggest street protests since 1989

What position should the left take?
Mass street protests erupted at the end of January in several Romanian cities over the plans of the new social-democratic government to pass two executive orders that would weaken the anti-corruption legislation. The protests reached their peak this week, on Wednesday, with approximately 400,000 people taking the streets across the country in the biggest mass demonstrations since the Revolution. Despite some of the right-wing features of the protests, the left needs to intervene and pose an alternative to both the government and the right forces trying to capitalise on the popular outrage.



Syria: Is an end to the war in sight?

New movements for change will need to arm themselves with the lessons of the Syrian tragedy.
The military victory in Aleppo by Assad’s regime and its foreign backers was a turning point in the war in Syria. It has put the Syrian government once more in formal control of the country’s main urban centres. But is this the prelude to a broader peace settlement that could end the litany of horrors inflicted on the Syrian people?