Greece: H&M workers score victory against management plans

Despite very difficult times, struggle can bring results. 
Over the past two to three weeks much publicity was given to the attempts of the Swedish multinational clothing company H&M (Hennes & Mouritz) to force its employees in Greece to sign new contracts which contained far worse terms. The new contracts included terms, such as:


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Crisis y elecciones: ¿A donde vá Brasil?

Nuevamente brasil se ve frente a un escenario explosivo: elecciones generales y agravamiento de la crisis económica. La ultima vez que esto aconteció fue en 1998. En aquel año como consecuencia de la crisis asiática y rusa, la economía brasileña estaba practicamente quebrada. Un acuerdo con el FMI, apoyado por el gobierno de Clinton junto a otros países, garantizo un paquete de ayuda del orden de unos 41 billones de dólares. […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Creeping “coup” by Chinese dictatorship

Defend the four Hong Kong legislators. 
Leung Kwok-hung is a veteran campaigner for democracy in Hong Kong and popularly known as ‘Long Hair’. He is an elected member of Hong Kong’s semi-elected legislature, the Legco, and is making an appeal to the supporters of the CWI internationally to exert pressure on the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities over the threat of imminent expulsion of himself and three other legislators from the Legco seats they won in September’s election.



Join the CWI!

World capitalism in crisis and turmoil – fighting for a socialist alternative In the last years, the worst economic crisis since the 1930s has turned the world upside down. In every part of the world, […]

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The CWI relies on the donations from working class people around the world to fund our campaigns. Temporarily not available, sorry   Alternative payment method Send a UK cheque or postal order to CWI, PO […]


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