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Spanish State: Capitalism is killing the planet!
International Women’s Day 2019: End oppression with fight for socialism
"Let's use Bernie's 2020 campaign to launch a mass, working-class fightback"
Spanish State: Early election announced 

Leon Trotsky’s classic work, ‘In Defence of Marxism’, which recorded Trotsky's struggle against a petty bourgeois opposition in the American Socialist Workers Party (a section of the Fourth International) in the late 1930s, on the question of the class nature of the Soviet Union, reflecting the pressure of alien classes on the...

On 21 August 1940 Leon Trotsky, the Marxist thinker and fighter, and co-leader of the Russian Revolution, along with Lenin, was murdered by one of Stalin’s agents.
’Trotsky’s Assassination’ originally appeared in the quarterly theoretical magazine of the Militant (now the Socialist Party - England and Wales section of the CWI), in...

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