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Brazil: Lula conviction confirmed
Hong Kong: Beijing rigs legislative by-elections
Pakistan: Stop the attack against Socialist Movement Sind (SMS) and activists in Sind

The Australian Coalition government's first budget since the 2016 federal election is a clear attempt to reset the political agenda. In 2014 the government attempted to introduce a raft of austerity measures, but many of their proposals were thwarted. Against the backdrop of widespread discontent, the Labor opposition and the Senate crossbench...

Lecturers in 20 colleges across Scotland have now taken four days of national strike action over the refusal of Colleges Scotland to honour a national bargaining deal on pay and conditions that was reached in March 2016 after a one day national strike.

The deal was supposed to end £12,000 pay disparity between the lowest and...

World capitalism in crisis and turmoil – fighting for a socialist alternative

In the last years, the worst economic crisis since the 1930s has turned the world upside down. In every part of the world, there were dramatic collapses as the near 20 year boom of world capitalism turned to bust. The rabid right-wing...

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