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Protests needed via embassies

Campaign Kazakhstan writes:

"News has been received of police raids in the early hours of this morning on houses and hostels in Astana, where housing justice protesters from across Kazakhstan were being accommodated. More than 80 members of the ‘Leave the People’s Homes Alone’ campaign were rounded up and taken to police stations.

Many have now been released but five leaders, including Esenbek Ukteshbayev and his partner Baxut Sulemenova are being summarily tried for organising an ‘unsanctioned demonstration’. More arrests could follow as the demonstrators refuse to be fobbed off with new promises from MPs of the ruling party Nur Otan. They have been demanding a revision of some of their housing debts, extra time to pay and also orders to stop any eviction of families from their homes.

A video shows what was happening when a delegation went in to ‘discuss’ with representatives of the ruling party. They were not prepared to be told to wait any longer!

Please send protests via your local embassies demanding the release of those arrested and the dropping of all charges, plus the banning of all evictions from family homes."

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