On three different dates, April 9, April 16 and April 26, Nigeria held the general elections to elect politicians that would control power at central and state levels for the next four years.

The Steel and Engineering Workers’ Union of Nigeria (SEWUN) picketed the Nexans’ Kabelmetal factory in Lagos on Friday 10 January 2003 to demand the reinstatement of Rufus Olusesan, a member of the Democratic Socialist Movement, who was sacked unjustly by the company management in December 2002.

On the 31st of May, 2002, thirty-two countries will begin a competition to determine who wins the World Cup, a trophy to determine the best footballing nation in the world so to say. While Nigeria will be adequately represented there as one of the five qualifiers from the African continent, it is still searching for the...

Reports on this website (see below) have given a vivid picture of the crisis facing Nigeria and the activities of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM, the cwi’s affiliate in Nigeria).

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