Beer with the taste of blood of workers don’t go down smoothly

cwi The southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre hosted for the second year running the World Social Forum – billed as an alternative to the World Economic Forum, the international gathering of...

What elected Lula was the rejection of neoliberalism, but the PT (Workers Party) will not be able to meet the expectations of the masses unless there is a real break with the policies of Cardoso and the IMF.

The World Social Forum is a meeting place for all kinds of organisations that fight against neo-liberalism, including environmentalists, trade unionists, and others who wants to go further and seek an alternative, "another world", according to André Ferrari from the Brazilian section of CWI, Revolutionary...

IN THE days running up to Brazil’s World Cup quarter-final match with England, Wall Street speculators pinned their hopes on a Brazil victory to assuage anxieties over Brazil’s financial crisis and poor poll ratings for their preferred presidential candidate, Jose Serra.

One of Lula’s promises in the election campaign was to deal with unemployment. But unemployment has continued to increase every month since he became president. The official unemployment level is 12.8 per cent. But the reality is much worse. A graphic example is the wild chase for jobs in Rio de Janeiro – as...

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