On the 21st of February the whole of Argentina took to the streets. In Buenos Aires there were half a million demonstrators; among them were many workers, including sugar production workers from   the Jujuy and Salta provinces who are engaged in a struggle against job losses and plant closures that has been going on for over a year....

The crisis in Argentina deepened and became more intense in the last two or three years because of the application of extreme neo-liberal policies in the country under De La Rua’s government.

Argentina’s economic collapse has sparked a colossal movement. Presidents count their terms in days, sometimes hours, as worker and middle-class pressure forces them out.

"With five Presidents in less than two weeks, Argentina faces the deepest crisis in its history. The cancellation of elections convened for March and the installation of the Peronist Senator Eduardo Duhalde as the new President will not stabalise the situation.

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