Lynne Stewart was shocked when she was arrested. At first she thought her husband, a well known activist, was having some trouble with the police. "No," they said, "we want you."

"More than 50 million [U.S.] workers don’t have a union but want one. Few workers are able to join unions and their strength is divided … into separate unions instead of building their strength in numbers in particular industries, employers, or markets" (New Unity Partnership founding document).

Mass action needed to stop the Bush offensive

With millions of people paying much closer attention to politics during the election season, Socialist Alternative played a very active role in the Nader campaign.

The Nader campaign provoked an important debate on the corporate character of the Democratic Party and the need to break from it, but it also inspired a discussion about how best to organize this break. In this respect, Socialist Alternative has from the outset warned against a number of political mistakes Nader has...

There is deep disappointment in Britain and worldwide at the victory of Bush in the US elections.

Democrats’ failure shows need for new workers’ party

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