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18th November 2005

RACE Management

CC. Labour Inspection Department, Labour Ministry



Re: SUPROFRAD union in the RACE pharmaceutical company plant, Venezuela


To whom it may concern,


I am writing to you to protest at the sacking of three workers by management of the RACE pharmaceutical company in response to the efforts of workers to organise in a trade union to defend their rights.

The company has attacked the democratic right of workers to organise themselves in a trade union by dismissing three members of the joint leadership of SUPROFARD and is threatening its workforce with new redundancies.

On Friday 4 November, Johnny Coronil and Danny Santos were sacked. This follows the dismissal of the general secretary of the SUPROFARD trade union, Andry Key, in May this year.

In an attempt to divide workers and hinder the genuine union organisation RACE management has set up a "yellow union" that represents nobody.

I would strongly urge you to take all possible measures to ensure the immediate reinstatement of Andry Key, Johnny Coronil and Danny Santos and the recognition of SUPROFRAD. I would also ask the labour inspection department of the Labour Ministry to intervene urgently to guarantee the rights of the RACE workers, and to take action against the repressive measures of the company.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Higgins T.D.


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