People in Vancouver regularly talk about the coming "big one," referring to a likely future earthquake, as the city lies near a major fault line. An earthquake struck Vancouver on Saturday, 14 October, but it was a political earthquake, revealing deep faults in the city's society.

July 1st marked 150 years of the founding of the Canadian state. The day was celebrated with ‘birthday events’ across the country and much official hype about “great” Canada. This is reinforced by the contrast between Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump to the south. Trudeau is the pin-up of world liberal...

In the 117 months that Harper was Canadian Prime Minister, not a single major tars sands pipeline was approved. In just 13 months as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau approved two major pipelines, Kinder Morgan’s line to Vancouver and Enbridge’s line to Lake Superior. These two pipelines will add more than double BC’s current...

Toronto, 15 April - Over 8,000 public sector workers marched on the provincial legislature at the swearing-in ceremony of the new premier. Forty-five thousand workers from Ontario Public Service Employees Union have been on strike since 13 March. The union is asking for wage and benefit increases. The ruling Ontario...

Only a socialist alternative can challenge the carbo-capitalists’ grip on Canadian politics

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