First Nations challenge Harper government’s resource exploitation

Toronto has had a turbulent summer, with crises ranging from SARS to the failure of the power grid. The season has been especially difficult for the city’s poor who have had to cope with these added difficulties on top of eight years of attacks by the provincial Tory government.

Big gains for New Democratic Party (NDP) – But is it an alternative for working people?

Up to 5,000 protesters endured rain, thunder and lightening to participate in a four hour, mass "No One Is Illegal" march as part of the two day "Take the Capital" protest in Ottawa against the G8 meeting being held in Alberta this week. The regional protest brought youth, activists and trade...

Last Thursday, 6 March, saw the opening of the trial of three leading members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) charged in relation to a June 15, 2000 anti-poverty demonstration in front of the Ontario provincial legislature at Queen’s Park. This trial marks a serious attack on the rights of all...

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