IN THE days running up to Brazil’s World Cup quarter-final match with England, Wall Street speculators pinned their hopes on a Brazil victory to assuage anxieties over Brazil’s financial crisis and poor poll ratings for their preferred presidential candidate, Jose Serra.

cwi The southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre hosted for the second year running the World Social Forum – billed as an alternative to the World Economic Forum, the international gathering of...

We of the Head Office of the Committee for a Workers’ International, which has groups, sections and parties in every continent, express our 100% backing for your present struggle.

At the end of the second round of the Brazilian municipal elections the result is clear: the defeat of Cardoso’s allies and the growth of the PT. Try as they may, the bourgeois commentators attempt to whitewash the defeat of the government’s allies cannot hide the huge growth of the opposition in the state...

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