Walk into any big chain restaurant around the country and the scene will predictably be the same: fresh-faced workers hustling and bustling around the dining room and kitchen bussing tables, waiting on customers, and cooking food. Aside from the seemingly endless repetitive nature of the business, the most common theme...

Jessica Pruitt’s father served in the Vietnam War, and her brother-in-law is currently stationed in Fallujah. Justice (journal of Socialist Alternative) spoke with Jessica about how she and her friends and family are dealing with the stress of having loved ones in Iraq.

From the ’Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine to the ’Cedar Revolution’ in Lebanon, the authoritarian regimes of the world are forced to reform in the face of US-sponsored "democratic revolts", or so says the Bush administration and the media.

Even though less than one third of voters actually turned out for Bush last November, the Democratic Party has taken his victory as a sign that America in general is moving to the right. To match this perceived shift, leading Democrats are arguing that their party needs to attract conservative voters by shifting to the...

Brazil is known as one of the countries with the greatest inequality in ownership of wealth on the face of the earth. It is one thing to read or hear this statistic. It is however quite a shocking experience to be confronted with the reality of what this means.

"More than 50 million [U.S.] workers don’t have a union but want one. Few workers are able to join unions and their strength is divided ... into separate unions instead of building their strength in numbers in particular industries, employers, or markets" (New Unity Partnership founding document).

It started with the killing of the American missionary Dorothy Stang on the 12th of February. She was murdered because she fought against the powerful interests that carry out illegal logging in the Amazons.

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