Just one year following the Presidential election victory of Luiz Inácio da Silva (or Lula as he is popularly known), of the Workers’ Party (PT), a new movement has been launched by former PT activists, trade unionists, and socialists to begin the task of building a new workers’ socialist party in...

How could Hollywood muscle-man Arnold Schwarzenegger win the California Governor recall election?

Earlier this fall, with healthcare costs spiraling upward and new Census data showing increasing numbers of Americans without health insurance, the Bush administration quietly changed federal regulations to allow hospitals to turn away more low-income patients from their emergency rooms.

There has been a real shift in public opinion against President Bush and his war in Iraq since he declared victory in Iraq on May 1.

PRESIDENT GEORGE W Bush summed it up best during a recent speech when he said: "These are historic times". The last few years have ushered in a new era of poverty, war and frustration for American youth. Everyday life is becoming political. More and more young people are now looking for alternatives to Bush...

Rising tuition pricing students out of education

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