The life of half a million garment workers in Bangalore is nothing but a hellish existence.

The 13 day strike of over 2000 workers in the Maruti Suzuki India’s (MSI) Manesar plant in Gurgoan (Haryana), close to the national capital Delhi, in the first weeks of June is an important sign of ascendancy of the working class militancy in the region.

The 10 day pilot strike that has rocked the troubled national carrier – Air India has ended with a partial victory of sorts for the pilots

“Nine bombings in as many months, almost 100 people dead, and some 200 injured: Bombay is in the midst of ... the longest-running terror offensive any major Indian city has ever encountered...” (Editorial in ‘The Hindu’, 26 August 2003).

Leading up to the planned demonstration of 12 April, in Bangalore, there was a week-long campaign demanding, "No to war". In spite of the apparent ‘conquest’ of Baghdad, the action was quite successful in terms of reaching a broad layer of people.

Jagadish Chandra, New Socialist Alternative (Nava Samajavaadi Paryaya - the CWI’s section in India) spoke about the struggle against privatisation in India in an interview with Offensiv (newspaper of the Swedish section of the CWI) during the Eighth World Congress of the CWI. In April this year 10 million public...

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