On the 20 February, Saken Zhanusov and Rustem Zhanusov were sentenced to 3 years in Kazakhstan’s notorious prisons. Their comrade Ramil Mingazov, for reasons of health, was ordered to pay a large fine.

Four activists from the Karaganda Confederation of Free Trade Unions in Kazakhstan are currently under arrest and are facing serious charges. This is a continuation of the type of repression doled out to worker activists who are building an independent class opposition to the authoritarian rule of gangster-capitalist...

In the Central Asia republics, national and local power as remained in the hands of the former party elite, and with the exception of Kyrgizia, the president is the former communist party [former ruling party] first secretary. Once the USSR broke up, these people ditched the idea of socialism very quickly and instead of...

A CONFERENCE of CWI members in Kazakhstan earlier this month was a great success. 20 comrades attended from Karaganda, Zhambul, Pavlodar, Uralsk and Almata. Visitors from Russia and from the CWI also attended.

There has been a big stepping up of repression against the Workers Movement of Kazakhstan, a major working-class organisation. Criminal charges have been lodged against four members of its executive Saken and Ramil Dzhunosov, Ramil Mengazov and Sergei Popov.

A peaceful protest by several hundred women in Kentau City, southern Kazakhstan, fighting on social issues and against police repression, was brutally attacked and broken up by police, and many of the protesters were arrested. Activists in the Workers’ Movement of Kazakhstan have called for international...

Mass privatisations started in 1994 and it took them four years to privatise allmost all main industries, oil and gas. More than 300 mines were taken over by transnational corporations from the West, more than 90 per cent of the natural resources, most metal factories etc.

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