Media reports of Joe Higgins’ recent visit to Kazakhstan, where he called for the scrapping of an OSCE conference in the authoritarian-run country

Some examples:

Eurolink: Higgins demands cancellation of high-level summit broadcasted clips: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Политика - Группа депутатов Европарламента призвала отменить саммит ОБСЕ Политика - Пока сторонник Курамшина озвучивал лозунги, тюремщикам раздали мягкие взыскания

Situation of prisoners in Kazakhstan

Before Joe’s visit, BBC reported about the situation facing prisoners in Kazakhstan, quoting Vadim Kuramshin, a former prisoner himself, now a human rights activist and lawyer. To get more information on Vadim Kuramshin and the harassment he faces from the authorities, visit here on

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