The Anti Privatization Campaign launched by an alliance of nine unions in the telecom sector has received a tremendous response from workers throughout the country.

“We hope that the EU can acknowledge fully the negative influence on bilateral trade relations when it imposes limits on Chinese textile products.”

The members of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) took part in the May Day 2005 demonstrations in the ‘silicon city’ of India - Bangalore - with a two-page leaflet in the Kannada language. The theme was: "Enough of the horrors of Capitalism - We need Socialism now!". 

Sri Lanka and Japan are both reeling from horrific public transport disasters, in each case resulting from the privatisation policies of their governments and the blind chase for profits.

Members of the Socialist Movement Pakistan (SMP) and the Pakistan Trade Union rights Campaign (PTURC) organised demonstrations and seminars in eighteen cities, while we participated in other Mayday activities in over twenty-one cities and towns.

The protests by students and young people in China, and similar protests in South Korea, against Japan’s resurgent militarism, are causing growing apprehension among world political leaders, businessmen and now, it seems, the Chinese regime itself.

The planned sell-off would place the majority (51 per cent) of the company’s equity in private hands - the official definition of a “privatised” company.

Both the Indian and Pakistani governments are celebrating the launch of a bus service on 7 April between Srinagar and Muzafarabad, the two main cities in Indian and Pakistani occupied Kashmir respectively.

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