While Aceh on the northern edge of Sumatra has registered nearly two-thirds of the total death toll by the Asian tsunami, the Acehnese so far have received only 30% of UN food deliveries. More than two weeks after the catastrophe many distant villages have not yet been reached by relief workers.

More than 3000 workers of Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation [KESC] organised a protest rally against the proposed privatisation of this state owned corporation which supplies power to 1.3 million people in Karachi.

A recent armed clash between armed nationalist activists and the Pakistani security forces in the city of Sui once again proves that the situation in Baluchistan is far more fragile and volatile than the Pakistani media implies.

As in every country around the world, in Sri Lanka the people have reacted far more quickly than their government. It is an excellent opportunity for the masses to work together and to realise that co-existing and cooperation are possible and to experience them. Unfortunately, the authorities are not using this...

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