Nationalise Bombardier!

A brewing international trade dispute is threatening thousands of jobs in Northern Ireland. One thousand workers at Canadian aerospace company Bombardier's Belfast plant are engaged in building wings for its new C-series passenger jet.


The stunning electoral upset delivered by Jeremy Corbyn on the basis of a radical, left platform has had an electrifying impact and is potentially a historic turning point. He has engaged a new generation of youth in politics and smashed the lie that socialist policies are unpopular. In contrast, predictions that the snap general...

Working class opposed to return to conflicts - need unity to create socialist alternative.
Writing an opinion piece in the Irish News on 3 February, Denis Bradley, ex-priest, former vice-chairman of the police board for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and a moderate nationalist, explained that a hard border would...

The IRA campaign, the ‘peace process’ and the working class. 
The death of Martin McGuinness has been marked by a genuine outpouring of grief in Catholic areas. His funeral became a celebration of a life of struggle and the tens of thousands who attended clearly agree with Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams,...

Workers need strong socialist alternative at ballot box and in unions. 
The snap Northern Ireland Assembly election took place in the aftermath of the ‘cash for ash’ scandal which emerged in December, the most recent in a series of debacles which left Stormont , the parliament – and particularly the...

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