The BBC current affairs programme, Panorama, recently broadcast a two part investigation on Northern Ireland that revealed more details of the dirty undercover war carried out for decades by the ‘security forces’. Most of the material appeared to come from the forthcoming report of the long-running...

A RECENT opinion poll demonstrates that a significant minority of voters in Northern Ireland are sick of the sectarian parties and are looking for an alternative. Up to seventeen per cent declared their intention to vote for smaller parties outside the sectarian circus.

Over the last few days, sectarian conflict has increased in various parts of Belfast. Both sides have blamed each other for starting the recent trouble. But what is the real cause of the outbreak of sectarian clashes? What can working class communities do to stop sectarian attacks? How can decent public housing for all...

FIGHTING BROKE out at last weekend’s annual Orange Order parade at Drumcree. Demonstrators threw missiles at police, resulting in 24 injured as well as two civilians. However, Drumcree is not the issue it was. The Portadown Orangemen have been forced into a sullen acceptance that they cannot force their way...

For most people the only choice in this election is between the same old mix of sectarian and right wing politicians. But in two constituencies, voters will have a choice. The Socialist Party is standing two candidates and is mounting a determined campaign to build support for them.

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