Unlike the last US Presidential elections, there were no recounts or dodgy chads to create nail biting tension in the recent Russian Duma elections. The contest for places in Russia’s Duma (the parliament) went almost as planned in Vladimir Putin’s “managed democracy”. Perhaps the most...

Mikhail Khodorkovskii, one of Russia’s richest men and head of the giant company Yukos Oil, was taken from his private jet, on 25 October, by armed state security personnel. Khordokovskii’s arrest and the charges laid against him - embezzlement, fraud and tax evasion - have triggered a legal, political and...

President Putin’s ’war against terror’ has brought the very terror to Moscow itself. Last week, a group of 50 heavily armed Chechens drove through Moscow in two minibuses and seized a theatre in the middle of a popular musical show. 7-800 people in the theatre were held as hostages.

Earlier this week, we reported on the case of Sergei Kozlovskii, a socialist and gay rights activist facing political repression and huge legal fine.

Press release by the CWI in Russia on the arrests of anti-EU protesters in Moscow (see article, Anti-EU protesters beaten and arrested by Moscow police, posted on 29 May 2002). A number of the protesters were released late on 28 May and appeared in court on the morning of 29 May. The court hearings have been delayed. We...

Police arrested 25 people protesting against the EU summit in Moscow today, Tuesday 28 May at 15 45 hrs (Moscow time). Reports so far indicate that five on them were badly beaten. The police are refusing to comment on what is happening to those arrested. Those detained include CWI members.

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