Germany is currently in the middle of a political, social and economic earthquake. Ordinary Germans are facing a neo-liberal offensive of huge and stark proportions by the German ruling class.

The swift angry and determined answer of the workers at Opel’s Ruhr area factory in Bochum to General Motor’s announcement of 12,000 redundancies throughout Europe has seized the headlines in Germany. They immediately went on strike to stop this threat. GM’s plans would mean 4,000 of Bochum’s...

Socialist Alternative, the German section of the cwi, scored a great victory in Sunday’s local elections in North Rhine Westphalia, winning two more councillors after initiating and heading two left electoral lists against social cuts in the cities of Aachen and Cologne.

Today 79% of east Germans and 51% of west Germans think that Socialism is a "good idea" that was "only badly implemented" in the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe. That is the judgement after 15 years of capitalist unification. Clearly in the midst of the current determined campaign by the...

“Hot autumn” for German government starts early as tens of thousands take to the streets in yet another wave of protest against impoverishment programme Agenda 2010

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