Will the Left Party present itself as an anti-capitalist opposition or as a ‘moderate’ party managing capitalism?

Hospital workers achieve minimum wage

Support the striking workers of the Charité Facility Management company (CFM) in Berlin!

Only two months after the swearing in of the Red-Green government, that had been re-elected to office only by the narrowest of margins, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) threatened his resignation. Speaking to the Executive of his Social Democratic Party on December 10, he said: "Anyone who thinks they can do...

"Time for a change in Germany", was the title of last week’s right wing magazine, The Economist (London). This reflected the wish of the international and German capitalists for a new coalition government of the conservative CDU/CSU and the liberal FDP that could accelerate attacks on the welfare state...

On February 13, 7-9000 youth, most of them school students, demonstrated in Bremen against the war. In fact this was the first school students strike against the war on Iraq.

From 1-3 November, the national conference of the German section of the CWI took place. It was the biggest conference of the German section ever.

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