For the last two weekends, drawing a parallel with the 'Yellow vests' protests, in France, there have been anti-government protest marches in Belgrade. The second one was much bigger than the first, with, according to some estimates, 30,000 people attending.

Following very successful solidarity action by the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) in support of a postal workers' strike in Serbia, we publish below a letter from the leader of the Independent Union of Postal Workers in Serbia expressing thanks to the CWI and appealing for further solidarity action.

Below we publish an interview with Zoran Pavlovic, President of the Independent Trade Union of Postal Workers. Postal workers in Serbia have been on strike since last week, over a variety of issues. The publicly-owned company is denying the workers their basic rights and took action against trade union activists. The struggle takes place...

On 2 April, presidential elections in Serbia were won by the current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić. A hard-line nationalist in the past, who miraculously converted into a pro-EU fanatic, he is the latest in a line of Serbian leaders to push the neo-liberal agenda of privatisations and austerity. In that, he is proving to be even more...

Government alarmed by "poor striking back!"
Next Sunday, 2 April, presidential elections take place in Serbia. There are 11 candidates, including the current prime minister, who is increasingly hated by big parts of the population and seen as a dictator by many people. For many years, the political scene has been close to...

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