Saturday 30 June saw huge crowds of protesters in Vienna. The Austrian trade union federation, ÖGB, called for a demonstration against an attempt to raise the legal limit on working hours. Trade union members and other working class people from all over Austria came to participate. The front of the demonstration reached the final rally...

The U6 tube line in Vienna resembled Saturday shopping a couple of weeks before Christmas, with tube carriages full of people. Yet it was January 13th and shopping was the last thing on most people’s minds travelling to Westbahnhof and the Christian Broda Platz, at the top of Vienna’s main shopping street. They came in their tens of...

The results of the early Austrian general election seem to offer a bleak future for working class people and immigrants. The main parties of the ruling class won, including the openly racist and far right 'Freedom party' (FPÖ). Both the conservative party (ÖVP) and the FPÖ gained both in votes and in percentages.

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