The clash between the Salvini-Di Maio government and the European Commission on the budget law has been at the centre of the Italian political situation for more than two months. The draft submitted by the government to the technocrats of Brussels was initially rejected by them. Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Finance, asked the...

Parliament reconvened after the Christmas break with no let-up in the government’s crisis over the coming Brexit vote. Theresa May’s deal with the EU is still opposed by most MPs, most members of the Tory party and most people across the entire country.

Vladimir Putin rose to power after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as gangster capitalism seized hold of Russia. Emulating aspects of Stalin’s ‘strongman’ image, he has sought to reassert Russian power on the world stage.

On 10 November, 10,000 workers took part in a union demonstration in the Netherlands, for a fairer distribution of wealth, against tax breaks for multinational companies, for investment in the public sector, against 'flexi-work' and for decent pensions.

For the last two weekends, drawing a parallel with the 'Yellow vests' protests, in France, there have been anti-government protest marches in Belgrade. The second one was much bigger than the first, with, according to some estimates, 30,000 people attending.

If there would be a European competition for the least stable government, it would be a very close run. The Belgian government made a move bringing it back to the front of this competition: in early December the ‘Michel 1’ government fell but was quickly replaced by a minority ‘Michel 2’ government that, however, lasted only 10...

For more than a month now, since 17 November, France has seen an apparently unstoppable revolt from below. A massive tide of very visible protest has swept the country, initially against a rise in the tax on diesel, but rapidly becoming a revolt of the oppressed against 'the president of the rich', Emmanuel Macron.

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