Since the announcement from direct-rule Ministers that water charges are to be imposed in Northern Ireland, the local political parties who shared power in the Assembly have fervently blamed each other for allowing water charges to be introduced.

"The Communist party’s aim is to be loyal to their master. We read Stalin, we study Stalin, we listen to Stalin and we are learning through Stalin. This is what communist’s confidence is in Stalin, all over the world. Stalin is the Soviet Union. Stalin is the party. Stalin is proletarian...

More than 40 students from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam assembled on 16 November on campus to show their anger against the current spate of racist attacks and the posting of inflammatory anti-Muslim posters on campus .

After a 1,200-strong demonstration through central London, a packed rally heard PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka report on how successful the day’s strike action had been. He outlined the next stages of the campaign.

The main headline story resulting from the recent Kosovan Parliamentary elections was that less than 1% of the Ethnic partition threatened 80,000 ethnic-Serbs living in Kosovo (called Kosova by ethnic Albanians) cast their votes.

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