cwi Hundreds of thousands of workers from the public sector participated yesterday, 16 October, in a national strike called by the CGTP union federation. The action was part of a struggle over wages and work ...

AS WE go to press, it seems almost certain that Northern Ireland’s Executive and Assembly will collapse this week. New Labour’s Northern Ireland Secretary John Reid will probably suspend the institutions in the hope that they can one day be resuscitated.

Last Thursday, 3 October 2002, our comrade, Alexandros Prandounas, was stabbed, on the lower part of the arm by a member of the neo-nazi organisation Chrysi Aygi. Alexandros is a student at one of the colleges of Athens (Athens TEI), one of the leading comrades in our student group there, Matseta. He was at the college...

The Summer months in Italy saw only a temporary suspension of the open warfare between the classes provoked by the hated Berlusconi government. Now, with the World Cup and the August holidays well and truly in the past, battle has resumed.

Today (October 5) 10,000 people, mainly youth, took part in an anti war demonstration called by the Florence Social Forum. This was part of a national day of action which saw over sixty demonstrations and cultural events taking place all over Italy. The demonstration takes place as Italy is preparing to send one...

CWI online spoke to two of the CWI’s (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, RS) new councillors, elected on 15 September in the Swedish town of Luleå.

Earlier this week, we reported on the case of Sergei Kozlovskii, a socialist and gay rights activist facing political repression and huge legal fine.

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