The outcome of a high profile rape law court trial in Belfast, which saw four defendants, including Ulster and Ireland rugby football players, Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, found ‘not guilty’ on charges of rape and sexual assault, saw an explosion of spontaneous demonstrations in every major city in Ireland. 


The threat of a bill banning abortion in cases of fetal malformation has been suddenly put into effect by the right-wing PiS (Law and Justice) dominated Sejm (parliament) . This met with an angry demonstration of against the right and the actions of the Catholic hierarchy.The threat of a bill banning abortion in cases of fetal malformation has...

There were no shock headlines as the votes for Russia’s new President were counted. The Kremlin had called for a 70% vote for Vladimir Putin, with a 70% turnout.

As it turned out, the Central Electoral Commission announced that he won nearly 77% of the vote on a 67% turnout.It didn’t take Putin long to return to work. At his victory...

Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, the president of the rich, and after the onslaught of the government against all sectors in society especially the public services - the railways (the SNCF), pensioners, young people, unemployed - we were expecting the day of action on 22 March to go well.

After the federal elections held on 24 September 2017, it took almost exactly half a year for the new government to be sworn in. This is completely unprecedented in German post-war history. On top of that in the Bundestag (parliament) vote this month to appoint Merkel she got only nine votes more than the legal requirement to become Chancellor....

Jeremy Corbyn is broadly right and his pro-capitalist critics both within the Tory government and their Labour fifth column in the Parliamentary Labour Party are wrong and lying in their responses to the recent use of nerve agents in Britain.

The 4th March general election has caused the biggest shake-up of the Italian political landscape in over 20 years. Not since the ‘clean hands’ corruption scandal of the early ‘90s have the establishment parties been so severely wounded.

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