In the end, a somewhat boring election campaign that ignored many of the issues ended in a political earthquake. For the first time in decades, a racist, right nationalist party, AfD (Alternative for Germany), entered the German parliament.

The strike call of the Sindicato de Estudiantes in Catalonia for Thursday 28th September is winning massive support. Today a press conference of the Sindicato de Estudiantes and PODEMOS was held at the national parliament in Madrid to support the strike. Further reports will follow.

As the Labour Party goes into its third annual conference with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, are his anti-austerity policies closer to being realised? Is the party being transformed in a socialist direction?

After another day of trade union protests across France, we carry an article on the growing mood of opposition to President Emmanuel Macron and his totally pro-business policies.

On the 11th September one million people spilled onto the streets of Barcelona shouting loud and clear their intention to vote during the 1st October referendum, making it clear that they were not going to let the ruling Partido Popular (People's Party/PP) deny them this right.

Yet again, as has happened on each Diada [‘National Day...

The policies of Poland’s ruling ‘Law and Justice’ party, over the last two years, have thrown up one protest movement after another across the country. While largely maintaining its base of support among section of the working class due to a number of popular social reforms, the government's reactionary and Bonapartist measures keep...

Birmingham’s bin workers once again have had to strike to stop job losses and pay cuts, after the Labour council reneged on a previously agreed deal.

Disgracefully the council has issued 113 redundancy notices to workers and is clearly setting out to try and break the bin workers’ struggle.

The council claims it has no...

On 26 September Ali Feruz will be returned to a Moscow court where a decision on his deportation will be reviewed. This follows the earlier decision to suspend the deportation of Ali to Uzbekistan, where he faces likely arrest and imprisonment. He fled that country after being tortured and following attempts to make him become an agent for the...

A second reply to Rob Sewell of the IMT group

Rob Sewell's second article in answer to our reply to him on the question of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union's position on affiliation to the Labour Party is simply lamentable, from a Marxist standpoint.

He gives the game away right at the beginning of...

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