The following piece is an eyewitness report written by Gazan activist and author Rana Shubair, at the request of 'Socialist Struggle Movement' (SSM), the CWI section in Israel-Palestine.

The article is followed by two videos. The first one is a footage taken on the 14 May Gaza protests by Rana’s daughter; the second one is a footage...

While in Jerusalem a messianic inauguration ceremony was held at American embassy, in the Gaza Strip the day of the embassy's transfer was the deadliest day since the war in 2014. The Netanyahu government, hand-in-hand with a despicable incitement campaign, sent an army to drown in blood the mass protest of residents who are suppressed under...

The Gaza Strip in recent weeks has seen one of the most important waves of Palestinian protests against the ongoing brutal siege enforced by Israel, in collaboration with Egypt, with unbearable consequences for living conditions.

For an independent inquiry into the killings

Lift the siege, end the Israeli occupation!

For a socialist solution to the national question

"A zigzag that cannot be explained". That's how the right wing Israeli commentator Amit Segal summarized Netanyahu's decisions regarding the change of the security and entrance arrangements to the Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem. There's no doubt that the removal of the metal detectors and the infrastructure for security...

The "Strike of Freedom and Honour" is the name given to a mass hunger strike of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which started indefinitely on the Palestinian Prisoner Day, 17 April. The prisoners are demanding the ending of discrimination on national grounds in prison and arbitrary detention without charge or trial...

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