The Israeli government is using the imperialist war on Iraq and the fear of Scuds landing in Israel as a cover to launch its own weapon of mass destruction - a 11.4 Billion Shekel (£1.5 billion) budget cut, the second for 2003.

A month since Sharon’s Likud party scored an election victory, and after long negotiations, the 75-year-old Prime Minister has managed to form a rightwing government based on a coalition of 68 out of 120 Members of Knesset (Parliament). But this does not guarantee any lasting stability. As the stormy events of the...

The final results of the Israeli elections are a clear victory for Prime Minister Sharon’s party, Likud, which won 38 seats, up from 21 in the outgoing Knesset (parliament) and double the number achieved by Labour, the traditional party of the Israeli ruling class.

Monday’s (27 January) general elections in Israel saw Ariel Sharon’s Likud party double its vote to 37 seats. The Labour Party (which is the traditional party of the Israeli capitalists) plunged to an all time low of 19 seats. Turnout was 68.5%, the lowest for an election to the Knesset in Israeli history.

THE ISRAELI ’national unity’ government coalition has collapsed following the withdrawal of six Labour ministers. Elections have been called for early next year.

Maavak Sozialisti (Socialist Struggle) in Israel held its formal founding conference over the last weekend (11-12 October). 25 people (mostly young) participated in the event, which exceeded our expectations and was characterised by an enthusiastic and confident atmosphere as well as the highest level of discussions in...

EVERYONE SAW the copious media coverage marking the first anniversary of the 11 September attacks. But how many saw mention that this month also marks the twentieth anniversary of the massacre of at least 1,500 Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon?

As the spiral of violence in the Middle East escalates, possibly towards a wider war drawing in the surrounding Arab countries, US President Bush continues to show the incapacity of the leading imperialist power on the planet to offer any solution to the conflict.

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