THE ISRAELI ’national unity’ government coalition has collapsed following the withdrawal of six Labour ministers. Elections have been called for early next year.

Despite US imperialism’s efforts to at least partly defuse the combustible situation in the region, including token declarations by Bush about support for a Palestinian state, Powell’s speech at the UN security council and special envoy General Zinni’s urgent mission to the Middle East, the...

The Israeli army has withdrawn from Jenin, leaving a trail of destruction. People the world over have been shocked by the brutality of the invasion, including attacks on Red Cross/Crescent staff and reports of Palestinians being buried under bulldozed buildings. Kevin Simspon writes.

The Israeli government is using the imperialist war on Iraq and the fear of Scuds landing in Israel as a cover to launch its own weapon of mass destruction - a 11.4 Billion Shekel (£1.5 billion) budget cut, the second for 2003.

The road map to ’peace’ in the Middle East is becoming soaked in blood. Since the Israeli army attempted to assassinate the deputy leader of the Islamic Palestinian organisation, Hamas, on 10 June, the number of deaths has again escalated. The toll includes 17 Israelis killed in a suicide bombing in...

The final results of the Israeli elections are a clear victory for Prime Minister Sharon’s party, Likud, which won 38 seats, up from 21 in the outgoing Knesset (parliament) and double the number achieved by Labour, the traditional party of the Israeli ruling class.

As George W Bush strives to create a new Gulf war-style ‘coalition against terror’ – complete with ‘Islamic support’ from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan – the Israeli regime has come under pressure to call a cease-fire and reopen negotiations with Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian ...

ARIEL SHARON appears to be biting the hand that feeds him. The assassination of another leading Hamas activist by an Israeli hit squad has further undermined George Bush’s efforts to put a lid on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through its ’road map’ peace initiative.

cwi "There will be funerals. Caskets will come out of here even the commanders say that. What can I tell you, it’s not that Golani (a battle hardened infantry division) are afraid to die, surely...

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