TONY BLAIR said that he and Bush have decided to give Saddam Hussein "one more chance".

Tony Benn, the veteran British socialist, described the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in its coverage of Iraq as a "weapon of mass deception".

The discovery that the bombing of Iraq had started was met by outrage, walkouts, road blocks and demonstrations involving up to 50,000 university and school students in Barcelona yesterday (Thursday), according to press reports.

The deaths of Saddam Hussein’s sons has not stopped the attacks on coalition forces.

The University of Massachusetts (UMass) was on spring break for Day X, but we decided to go ahead with the walkout on Monday 24 March.  Four activists met over the weekend to organise the walkout, 10 people showed up to help advertise for the walkout in the morning, and 250-300 walked out. It was a very spontaneous...

In the biggest demonstrations in Sweden for many decades, 80,000 marched in Stockhom, 30,000 in Gothenburg and 2,700 in Umeå. In total, there were demos in around 40 cities. All over the country, the demos were dominated by youth and had a strong Left wing flavour.

The British military in Basra, Iraq’s second biggest city, is under attack. This is not from ’rogue elements’ of the former Ba’athist regime but local residents incensed at the lack of mains electricity and, ironically in oil-rich Iraq, the continuing shortage of petrol.

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