"A WAR to remake the world" is how Michael Ledeen, a leading neo-conservative associated with the Bush government, described the war on Iraq. Exactly how the world could be remade was succinctly explained by White House hawk Richard Perle when he said that victory for US imperialism in Iraq would enable them...

SO THE ’liberation’ of the Iraqis is beginning - with massive carpet bombing. The US military have planned to use ten times the amount of bombs dropped in the whole of the last Gulf War in the first 48 hours of this war. They are prepared to use ’moabs’, nicknamed the ’mother of all ...

The first full day of the war saw protest actions throughout Toronto. A vigil has been set up at the peace fountain in front of Toronto City Hall and will be maintained throughout the conflict.

Three thousand mainly school students, after leaving school to strike against the war, marched through Melbourne on Wednesday 26 March against the war on Iraq. The numbers were slightly down on the last school student strike, but the participants were angrier and more militant. 

The opposition to the US war plans has increased in Chile in the past weeks. This has undoubtedly been in part because of Chile’s presence on the UN Security Council. The International Women’s Day march became an anti-war demonstration. 5,000 participated compared with 1,500 on the first anti-war...

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