"The most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam" were the words Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam war veteran used to describe Bush’s latest revised Iraq strategy. Hagel, however, is not only a Vietnam war veteran but is also a US senator for Bush’s Republican party.

“He doth bestride the narrow world, like a colossus; and we petty men, walk under his huge legs and peep about”. (Shakespeare, Julius Caesar) Bush, decked out as a poor imitation of a modern ‘Caesar’, did for a period bestride the globe.

Sixty percent of Americans now think that the ’blood shed’ in Iraq is not worth it. The brunt of the ’bloodshed’ has of course been borne by the peoples of Iraq, around 100,000 of whom have been killed since the invasion.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq has resulted in the deaths and suffering of millions of ordinary Iraqis. Among these are the increasing attacks on women’s lives, their rights and conditions.

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