The opposition to the US war plans has increased in Chile in the past weeks. This has undoubtedly been in part because of Chile’s presence on the UN Security Council. The International Women’s Day march became an anti-war demonstration. 5,000 participated compared with 1,500 on the first anti-war...

LAST WEEK, Bush and Blair were celebrating their ’victory’ over Iraq. But within a matter of hours it became clear that piecing Iraq back together again could prove much more difficult than the war itself.

With 220 000 US and British troops (including a quarter of the British army) surrounding Iraq, 300 US warplanes on airfields to its north and south, and a stockpile of 6 700 satellite-guided and 3 000 laser-guided bombs, Bush and Blair are set on war with or without a UN resolution.

IT WAS a global revolt without precedent by the people against their political ’masters’. The worldwide anti-war protests on 15-16 February resounded with one voice to say ’No War’.

EVERY DAY more and more young people are getting involved in the anti-war movement. International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Party members and supporters have been helping organise school and college walkouts against the war across Britain.

Today’s anti-war protests in the US and around the world were massive, in many places the largest protests in decades and the largest anti-war protests since the Vietnam War. In total, there were demonstrations in 150 cities and towns throughout the US.

Mayor Bloomberg’s administration in New York (and the Bush administration standing behind the Republican city boss) has shown their true ‘democratic’ colours by banning the right to march and protest against the war on Iraq. It emerged today (14 February) that permission has been denied to march to the...

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