"If our great country becomes involved in an all-out war, the sacrifice must be shared. In that regard, I am preparing legislation to authorise instatement of the universal draft and other forms of mandatory national service."

In recent months massive anti-war demonstrations have taken place in Europe and significantly in the US itself. With the outbreak of war these demonstrations will not diminish, but will instead dramatically grow in size and anger as the brutality of this war is brought home.

War has started. The US led imperialist assault against the people of Iraq means huge destruction and the loss of many lives. A high tech capitalist superpower is indiscriminately attacking a people already subjected to recent wars, UN sanctions (’a slow genocide’) and regular US/British air attacks. Despite...

Over 5,000 people demonstrated through the streets on Belfast on Saturday, 22 March, to express their opposition to the continued bombing of Iraq. Although this demonstration was smaller than that on 15 February, the mood was angrier and more determined.

As soon as the first bombs dropped on Baghdad, members of the United Socialist Party (USP) in Sri Lanka (section of the CWI) got to work making more than a hundred large hand-written posters with the slogan ’Bush, get out of Iraq! Let the Iraqi people take action!’

The main avenue in Lisbon - Avenida da Liberdade - was flooded by 90,000 people saying ‘No to War!’ last weekend. The three left parties in parliament – the Socialist (social-democratic) Party, Communist Party and Left Bloc - the CGTP (Portuguese TUC), and more then 140 organisations of all kinds,...

A document made public last Tuesday by a British student group ’Campaign against Sanctions on Iraq’ revealed that as many as 500,000 people in Iraq could suffer injuries and require medical treatment if the United States and its allies launch a war. The group obtained a confidential United Nations’...

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