cwi In the light of Hans Blix and the weapons inspectors’ report that there is no "smoking gun", conclusive evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, the prospect of an immediate war...

Across Northern Ireland thousands of students walked out of schools on Day X, responding to the call from Youth Against War. The mood was determined.

Members of the SLP (Sozialistiche LinksPartei, Austrian section of the CWI)- and ISR-comrades from Vienna and Salzburg joined German CWI and ISR members in the SAV and ’WI!’ (International Resistance), in the anti-war and anti-Nato demos held in Munich  last Saturday.

In the last three days of last week the anti-war mood in France snowballed. If asked in the week before the demonstration, most political activists would have said that 150,000 would demonstrate in Paris. It turned out that over 300,000 marched. The total participation in protests throughout France was over 500,000.

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