The anti-war protests in Vienna and Salzburg on 20 March, partly led by the ISR and SLP, Austrian section of the CWI, demanded strike action by the unions as part of the international movement. Between 10.000 - 15.000 school students took to the streets on day X in Vienna following the call of ISR and the official...

At least 3,000 - 4,000 students and at least 41 schools walkout out of classes on Day X to protest against the war. 1,500 mostly high school students rallied at the University of Minnesota (U of MN), while some schools organised their own local marches, rallies, and teach-ins.

After the signing up of Italy by Bush onto the list of nations supporting the war, the Italian parliament yesterday officially conceded to the USA the use of bases and air space. Nevertheless demonstrations against this have gone ahead, even at the time the agreement was being discussed. The parliamentary vote saw...

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