As the bombs started falling on Baghdad on March 20, over 50,000 people gathered spontaneously in Melbourne, Australia, for the first of many rallies to come.

Tens of thousands joined in Day X protests in Belgium. The Linkse Socialistische Partij/Mouvement pour une alternative Socialiste (LSP-MAS), the Belgian section of the CWI, played a key role in all the biggest demonstrations. It is no coincidence that the biggest demonstrations were in Gent, where we have a strong...

Up to 2,500 people protested in Prague on Day X, which is a big step forward for the Czech anti-war movement.

The first full day of the war saw protest actions throughout Toronto. A vigil has been set up at the peace fountain in front of Toronto City Hall and will be maintained throughout the conflict.

Youth against War (JgK), a German-wide campaign of school students, students and apprentices, which was initiated by members of Socialist Alternative (SAV, the German CWI section) and International Resistance (the German section of International Socialist Resistance), brought out more than 150,000 school students on...

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