Within 48 hours of Labour being re-elected in a landslide, Victorian unions (many of whom played a key role in mobilising to get Labour in power) were being rebuffed by Labour leader Steve Bracks in their demand for industrial manslaughter legislation to penalise bosses who kill or injure workers. State public servants...

Less then 6 months after Australian Government joined the US in the War on Iraq, Prime Minister John Howard is about to launch his own ’Coalition of the Willing’ in what can only be described as a colonial style intervention on the Solomon Islands.

On June 26, the Australian federal parliament passed the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002 (ASIO Bill). This bill, introduced by the right wing Liberal government of John Howard, marks the end of some of the most basic civil liberties that until now were considered...

The Australian section of the CWI, Militant Socialist Organisation (MSO), won 12.25% of the vote in the Richmond Constituency (Melbourne), as part of the Victoria State-wide elections. Today’s results show that 28,263 people voted in the Richmond constituency. The results for the parties standing is as follows:

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