Arrests are continuing after tensions between police and Aboriginal youth in Sydney’s inner city suburb of Redfern broke out into open clashes on the night of 15 February following the death of a young Aboriginal boy believed to have been being chased by police.

On June 26, the Australian federal parliament passed the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002 (ASIO Bill). This bill, introduced by the right wing Liberal government of John Howard, marks the end of some of the most basic civil liberties that until now were considered...

Less then 6 months after Australian Government joined the US in the War on Iraq, Prime Minister John Howard is about to launch his own ’Coalition of the Willing’ in what can only be described as a colonial style intervention on the Solomon Islands.

It seems such a short time ago that Helen Clark and her colleagues in the New Zealand Labour Government were being widely praised for their bold stand against the US-led invasion of Iraq. Only last month, New Zealand’s ambassador to the UN was condemning the rush to abandon diplomacy in favour of military action...

Members and supporters of the Socialist Party (Australian section of the CWI) joined with the Victorian Peace Network to hold a protest outside the outside the Army Recruiting Office in Bourke St, Melbourne on 17 January.

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