A few weeks before the 4 March general election, the country is still dominated by a profound economic crisis and serious social consequences. On the political plain, the centre-right coalition of the Lega and Berlusconi’s party Forza Italia have returned to the national political scene, the PD is in a serious situation in the polls while the...

For unity in the struggle against attacks without stopping to build a new Left Socialist alternative

Helsinki was at a standstill on Friday, 2 February, as a strike by the transport union, AKT, quickly escalated into national action against the so-called “Active Model” of unemployment. Under the active model, unemployed people are required to prove they have worked in casual, often underpaid jobs or taken hard-to-access training courses in...

Mass protests in December and January shook Iran’s reactionary regime to the core. Although facing severe repression, they signal a new confidence and preparedness by workers and young people to fight for their rights, in opposition to systemic corruption, repression and inequality. Robert Bechert writes.

CWI Sudanese comrade, Mohammed Satti, was released yesterday night, Thursday 2 February. He was detained by the state for over two weeks for his participation in an anti-regime demonstration in the capital, Khartoum. Mohamed was brought home by a police car at around 9.30pm local time.

Tim Hortons is a national chain of over 4,000 coffee and doughnuts shops across Canada. Founded by a famous hockey player, it has become a Canadian icon often, known as ‘Timmies’. It is also the target of protesters since its attack on low paid workers ignited demonstrations across Canada. On Friday, January 19, over 50 rallies took place...

The abolition of 'Clause IV Part IV' - the socialist clause in the Labour Party's constitution introduced in the aftermath of the Russian revolution - was carried out by Tony Blair in 1995.

It symbolised his successful transformation of Labour into a pro-capitalist party that, as his partner in crime Peter Mandelson put it, was...

As widely feared the Chinese dictatorship has begun blocking pro-democracy candidates from standing in upcoming by-elections in Hong Kong to fill four of the seats left empty after the ousting of six opposition legislators last year. The move is the latest instalment in a creeping coup against the mass democracy movement.

The Turkish state is bombarding Kurds in Afrin, using bombing and a ground invasion. This follows devastating attacks on Kurdish areas in Turkey in 2016, when President Erdogan ended a ‘peace process’ and started a war, stirring up anti-Kurdish nationalism in Turkey.

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