The brutal assassination of the spiritual leader of Palestinian Islamic organisation Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, was met with outrage from Palestinians, together with people throughout the Arab world and millions internationally who are horrified at the barbaric acts of the Israeli regime.

“Your war – our dead”, “Aznar, your delusions of grandeur have led to this” chanted crowds on the streets of Spain last weekend, as the mass outpouring of grief and rage at the Thursday’s horrendous bombings became intertwined with anger at the government. Another common chant was...

Today, one year on from the US imperialist led war on Iraq, anti-war demos and protests are being held throughout India, Pakistan and across the dividing Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir by various workers organisations, trade unionists, anti-war groups.

The fight for political survival of the government party, the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), has entered a new phase as the party’s leadership demands the resignation of Prime Minister Leszek Miller.

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