Recruitment to the CWI in Greece (Xekinima) has been rapid in the last few months. This reflects a recovery of the radical mood in Greek society (especially the youth), which began with the general strike and Genoa last year. This was followed by a lull after September 11th, which lasted until spring this year.

Since the school year began in September we have had weekly meetings at the University of Toronto (ten in a row). We have been able to attract a new periphery around us. We have also intervened in anti-war protests in Toronto and other activities. In the New Year we plan to have weekly paper sales and book tables on...

No great movements took place since the last World Congress in 1998, although the number of workers who went on strike and the amount of striking days multiplied by 5 between 2000 and 2001. But still working class action is at a minimal level. The main reason for that is an absolute lack of alternative posed by the...

The progress made in building sections of the CWI since the Seventh Congress (in 1998) was assessed, with many excellent reports given; most sections have increased their membership and influence.

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