In a warning laced with ironies, former warmongering US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger - who presided over many of the atrocities of the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 1970s - warned in an article in Russia Today in July that: "We are in the midst of a sweeping technical revolution whose consequences we have failed to fully reckon and whose...

As the age of austerity arising from the great crash of 2007-2008 enters its second decade, a new movement of women struggling against their oppression is taking shape. But mistaken ideas on how oppression can be ended have resurfaced too. The ideas of socialist feminism are ever more relevant.

Shipyard workers in the Croatian port cities of Pula and Rijeka started their strike action on 22 August. These militant workers are demanding the immediate payment of wage arrears. But they don’t stop there. After years of frustration and distrust, they have demanded that the management steps down.

Below, CWI reporters provide a selection of 2018 International Women’s Day protests and events from across the globe.


International Women’s Day marked the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and galvanized...

Last year we saw, with the #MeToo movement, an international revolt against sexism. Women all over the world spoke out against powerful men abusing their social position to force unwilling women to have sex with them. While it started in Hollywood, very soon the discussion spread to different workplaces and schools. In Belgium, studies have...

Get. Them. Out. The Tories have got to go. What other response can there be to the Tories’ annihilation of the services needed by women fleeing domestic violence? This equates to murder by political decisions.

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